Bad Alien Productions

2010 Demo Reel

This video shows a sampling  from several projects. Clips are from these works. All works owned by Bad Alien Productions except where noted

  • Skeeters (by Bad Alien’s Bob Freeman)
  • Precious Cargo
  • Punchie (by Bad Alien’s Bob Freeman)
  • Fritz and Iris
  • Julia’s Kitchen
  • Transformables
  • Last Kiss (by Bad Alien for John Lustig of Last Kiss)
  • Professional Courtesy (SFX by Bad Alien’s David Roomes)
  • Future Syn (SFX by Bad Alien’s David Roomes)
  • Footage (by Bad Alien’s Bob Freeman, music licensed from Magnatunes)
  • Ballad of Mary Jo (Titles by Bad Alien’s David Roomes)
  • Skeeters (Trailer by Bad Alien’s Bob Freeman)


Professional Courtesy Eye of Kaedin Sequence

Bad Alien Productions did the opening title sequence, closing credits and three visual effects shots for Professional Courtesy. Bad Alien’s David Roomes co-wrote the screenplay.

A young thief encounters a blind stranger in the woods. The stranger, a feelow thief from a rival guild, appears to be alone, deep in the heart of the forest. The two are miles from the city that makes them enemies. When his elder rival makes a spur-of-the-moment business proposal, the young man must then decide: is this offer a fine opportunity, or a fatal trap waiting to be sprung?

This suspense-filled medieval short film was nominated for several festival awards in 2003, and has obtained North American distribution for 2005 in the hobby game, comic book and video store channels.

Ballad of Mary Jo Title Sequence

Bad Alien Productions provided titles and credits, including visual effects for the title sequence.

This independent short film was directed by Heath Ward and produced by Paperstar Films.

Mary Jo lives life to its fullest. She has a few passions; her boyfriend, David, her classic ’68 mustang, and once in awhile, disposing of the dirty deeds of the local mob. When it comes to disposal, Mary Jo has always done the job right – until tonight. The Ballad of Mary Jo is a peek into the life of a woman operating on the fringe of proper society – A woman pushing the edge of what’s right, wrong and just plain bad.



Digital Canyon Flythrough

This is a flythrough of a digitally generated terrain. The terrain generator (Terragen) was fed elevation data from Mars Valles Marineris.


Directed by Bob Freeman of Bad Alien Productions under his other moniker: Fleebag Studios.

Skeeters features Sally and Sue, two intrepid and inventive mosquitoes in a pacific NW campground.

Skeeters won 2005 Best Animation at the NW Projections Film Festival in Bellingham, Washington and was selected for the 2005 North American Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival.



Anvils is by Bad Alien’s Bob Freeman and his then 9 yr old son Ian.


Footage is by Bad Alien’s Bob Freeman under his other moniker: Fleebag Studios.
This art film was shot at various locations from September, 2001 to August, 2004 with the movie feature of a Canon G1 still camera.

Music for the movie is
The tale of room 620
by Ehren Starks
Licensed from

Future Syn Effects

Bad Alien Productions did four visual effects shots for this indie sci-fi film.

Future Syn was written and directed by Alesia Glidewell and co-produced by Ryon S. Lane and Alesia Glidewell. It is a futuristic short film about a world whose female population has been wiped out by a virus.


A short series of web comics we released in 2010 where we took hand drawn concept art and made 3D images based on them.

Thomas Beale Cipher – VO recording

Voices for The Thomas Beale Cipher were recorded at Bad Alien Productions.