Bad Alien Productions

2010 Demo Reel

This video shows a sampling  from several projects. Clips are from these works. All works owned by Bad Alien Productions except where noted

  • Skeeters (by Bad Alien’s Bob Freeman)
  • Precious Cargo
  • Punchie (by Bad Alien’s Bob Freeman)
  • Fritz and Iris
  • Julia’s Kitchen
  • Transformables
  • Last Kiss (by Bad Alien for John Lustig of Last Kiss)
  • Professional Courtesy (SFX by Bad Alien’s David Roomes)
  • Future Syn (SFX by Bad Alien’s David Roomes)
  • Footage (by Bad Alien’s Bob Freeman, music licensed from Magnatunes)
  • Ballad of Mary Jo (Titles by Bad Alien’s David Roomes)
  • Skeeters (Trailer by Bad Alien’s Bob Freeman)


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