Bad Alien Productions

Wanna be a producer? Kick in to the 48 hour horror film project by Bad Alien Productions!

Do you like to…
…scare defenseless little children?
…make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up?
…feel your heart pounding without moving a muscle (except your SCREAM MUSCLES)?

So do we.

We get 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a 6-minute film as part of the Seattle 48-Hour Horror Film Project (

How our movie rates on the Cool-o-meter is limited only by time and money. We won’t break the rules and ask to borrow your time machine, but we will ask if you can kick some bucks into the kitty! (no actual animals, except actors, will be harmed)

With your contribution, we can create a deliciously scary movie and provide a work environment that supports our generous and talented volunteer cast and crew.

Follow our Project blog for regular updates through the weekend!


Here’s how to contributehatthumb


This is the official fundraising site for our current project. They are a small crowdfunding site that uses paypal on the backend. It only charges the paypal fee on the transaction and doesn’t add a commission.

square logo

With Square you can contribute simply via email with your Debit Card.  This option is free for both of us which means more money goes directly to the project.

Send an email to donate @
CC to cash @
put ONLY the dollar amount in the subject line, for example: $30

You will get a reply from square with instructions on how to set things up with them. Go here for more information.





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