Bad Alien Productions

Future Syn Effects

Bad Alien Productions did four visual effects shots for this indie sci-fi film.

Future Syn was written and directed by Alesia Glidewell and co-produced by Ryon S. Lane and Alesia Glidewell. It is a futuristic short film about a world whose female population has been wiped out by a virus.


A short series of web comics we released in 2010 where we took hand drawn concept art and made 3D images based on them.

Thomas Beale Cipher – VO recording

Voices for The Thomas Beale Cipher were recorded at Bad Alien Productions.

World of Luar

This custom map was created for a client who came to us with a fantasy world design. It was made to be printed at 48 x 24 inches.

Music is a portion of English Bard by Theme Cloud.
The music is released under Creative Commons License by the creator.

Fritz and Iris

This animation was accepted into the 2011 Robot Film Festival.