Bad Alien Productions

Trans Plant is online!

Trans Plant was our entry in the 2013 Seattle 48 Hour Horror Film Project! In 48 hours we wrote, shot and edited a 5 1/2 minute horror/scifi movie. Thanks to our wonderful cast and crew for a job Well Done.

More photos…lots more.

I added a few images to Bad Aliens Google Plus Album here (99 photos in that one now).  Here are a few of those images.  I have even more but we didn’t want to get the story away so after the film has viewed Tuesday night I’ll get some more images up.  It was so much fun to shoot images during the shoot.  It looked like everyone was having allot of fun and at the same time so professional.









Sleep…need sleep!

Got Sleep?  Bob needs some.  Sleep is good.  What a great day of filming!  I’m going to get some more photos posted tomorrow.  I too seem to be slowing down where I don’t think I’m thinking quite effectively so let me work on some more photos for you guys tomorrow.  Check back soon.


Nerds at work!

Back at the studio; Corey, David, and Anton work the data and start putting together the pieces.  Things are really starting to come together now!



Wrapping up the filming

Checking out the footage, looking great!  Stay tune for some more photos of behind the scenes in a little bit.



It’s a wrap!



Not much time to post allot of images yet, here are a few to tie you over until I get some more time to post some more shots.

See more photos here.


20131109-IMG_413220131109-_MG_7500 20131109-_MG_7428

Crew on site!

The crew has arrived on site and the production of the 48 film project has started for the rest of the crew.

You can see more photos here.




Studio Prep

This is the first time I’ve seen the camera out!  It’s happening!  Something is happening.

Help keep things rolling by contributing.  For details, check out this previous post!



Up goes the green screen.




Where did all the clips go?







Script Writing

The script writing has started!  We got the genres for this weekends film which is “Sci-Fi“.

We also know now that their is a doctor as a character, a pineapple as a prop, and the phrase is “That’s it, I’m going back to school!”


Shawna notifying the crew of what the genre is going to be as well as the elements needed in the film.




Pineapple Bob


Bob trying on the prop!  Hopefully we won’t eat it before we get a chance to put it in the film.



The writers are hard at work coming up with a story line.

A few other photos.



48 Hour Film Pre-production Meeting

It has begun.  The first meeting of the crew of the Bad Alien Productions short film to be shot this weekend for the 48 hour film project.

You can see more photos here.